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? what is cryptojacking


?what is cryptojacking

Everything you need to know about cryptojacking and how to protect yourself from it.

Recently, cybercrime has increased, therefore the pressure on cryptocurrency sites has increased

because it is an illegal area of ​​profit, and a skeptical factor for traders.

Digital currencies have collapsed since the beginning of 2022, due to government pressure on them, taxes imposed on mining operations, and global crackdowns.

When you enter the crypto market, you will hear the term cryptojacking,

you have to know that it is a type of cybercrime, involving the unauthorized use of traders’ electronic devices,

whether it is a computer, mobile, tablet, or even servers, used by cybercriminals to mine cryptocurrency .

Unlike other threats, Cryptojacking is designed to remain completely hidden from the victim.

Cryptojacking and how does it work?

Cybercriminals hack into devices, to install crypto software.

The program runs in the background, mines cryptocurrencies or steals from wallets.

Victims may notice slower performance or lag, hackers have two primary ways to get the victim’s device to secretly mine cryptocurrency:

  • Have the victim click on a malicious link in an email that downloads an encryption code to the computer.
  • By infecting a website or online advertisement with a JavaScript code that is executed automatically as soon as it is loaded into the victim’s browser.

The script runs complex math equations on victims’ devices, and sends the results to a server controlled by the hacker.

Unlike other types of crimes, encryption scripts do not damage computers or victims’ data, however, they steal computer processing resources.

You will notice slower device performance.


In early cases of crypto, income can be generated through the movement of private traders, by requesting their permission to mine cryptocurrencies.

Fair Exchange Technology: Traders will get free content while the sites use their computers for mining.

For example: (gaming sites)

There is a common agreement, between users staying on the page for some time, and the JavaScript code mining coins, and this process ends with them leaving.

But this technique can succeed as far as the transparency and honesty of the sites, and herein lies the difficulty in knowing the reliable sites.

Malicious versions of crypto – i.e. cryptojacking – do not ask for permission and continue to run long after leaving the initial site.

Unbeknownst to traders, they use their machine for crypto-mining, the hidden window stays open, and the user thinks the visible windows are closed.

The same is true of the same technology for Android mobile devices.

 Some attacks happen through a Trojan horse hidden in a downloaded app, or users’ phones can be redirected to an infected site, leaving a persistent popup.


How is cryptojacking discovered?

 Although the scam is very carefully hidden, we have three signs that Cryptojacking can be detected:

  1. Decreased performance and possible battery drain faster.
  2. Overheating of the device.
  3. An increase in CPU usage.

How to protect yourself from cryptojacking?

  • Comprehensive cyber security program: such as (Kaspersky Total Security(.

It will help you detect threats across the board and can provide cryptographic malware protection.

Always be sure, you must install security programs before you become a victim.


  • Follow Crypto Jacking Trends:

Being proactive and staying up to date with the latest cybersecurity threats can help you discover cryptographic processes on your network and devices and avoid other types of cybersecurity threats.

 You can use specialized browser extensions to block cybercriminal software across the web, such as minerBlock, No Coin and Anti Miner.

They are installed as extensions in number of popular browsers.

  • Blocking Pop-up Ads:

Cryptographic scripts are often served by online ads, so blocking these ads can be an effective way to stop them.

Using an ad blocker like Ad Blocker Plus can detect and block malicious crypto code.

Finally, there is a blacklist of sites known to be Cryptojacking,

and to prevent the use of cryptojacking while visiting websites, make sure that every site you visit is on a carefully vetted whitelist.

 It may seem to you that it only hurts to steal the power of the device for hidden mining,

but these illegal currencies go to the benefit of criminals who create illegal currencies,

so this process must be fought because it damages the credibility of cryptocurrencies and their trading.

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